15 Bands from Quebec and Canada

18 Mind-blowing concerts

2 Stages ( Indoor & Outdoor )

Grand Opening - Cocktail

Vendors on site

And so much more!

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Doors opening times
FunFest’s box office opening hours & reservations
Info lines
Access to the site
Food & refreshments on and around the site
Items accepted
Lost and found
Items refused
ATM machines
FunFest souvenir shop

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Larger view

Doors opening times

All shows are general admission (No seat reserved except for guest in V.I.P Zone)

Come early, places are limited!!! First arrived… First served! The FUNFEST reserves the right to make all decisions concerning the safety of the people present on a site, including the decision to restrict access.

Tropicana Nightclub FStage
(Théâtre de l’église - Indoor Stage) 
Friday : 7pm – 1am
Saturday : 7pm – 1am
Sunday : 1h30pm – 5pm

Doors  *One hour before the first show


Archibald Tropical Oasis
(In front of Tropicana Nighclub)



Friday : 4pm – 11pm
Saturday : 1:30pm - 11pm             
Sunday: 1:30pm – 11pm

Desjardins Out Stage Friday : 7pm – 11pm
Saturday :  1:30pm - 11pm            
Sunday: 1:30pm – 11pm

FunFest’s box office opening hours & reservations

Monday – Tuesday - Wenesday  9 AM to 6 PM
Thursday – Friday  9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday Closed

By phone / Reservations can be made by Credit Card
By Internet at www.gofunfest.com / by PayPal payment and Credit Card
On the site at The Tropicana Nightclub (Théâtre de l’Église) / One hour before show / Cash Only
En argent comptant seulement.

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Info lines

Directcly at FUNFEST’S Box Office : 418-221-6804 for Québec of Quebec, Canada and international
Info Phone Service: INFO-GOFUNFEST (In service soon)
Info-FUNFEST Line: 418 221-6804
Toll-free Info-FUNFEST Line: 1 000 000-0000 (In service soon)
Mobility Network Subscribers: # GOFUNFEST (In service soon)

Access to the site

Shows at The Tropicana Nightclub are exclusively for 14 and up ccompanied by an adult). Special sections are available for persons using wheelchair or electric cart. Please advise when buying your access pass.


Hôtel le Georgesville
300, 118e Rue, Saint-Georges de Beauce (Québec)  G5Y 3E3

Phone : 418 227-3000
Toll free : 1 800 463-3003

Le Grand Hôtel
11750, 1ère avenue, Saint-Georges de Beauce (Qc) G5Y 2C8
Phone : 418 228-3141

Le Gîte de la Rivière
2953, 1ère avenue Clermont-Pépin, Saint-Georges de Beauce (Qc) G5Y 5P9
Phone : 418 228-0015

Comfort Inn
16525, Boulevard Lacroix, Saint-Georges de Beauce (Qc) G5Y 2G2
Téléphone : 418 227-1227


Shows are not cancelled because of rain. Shows will only be cancelled if a thunderstorm and/or very strong winds put the safety of people on the site at risk. Unfortunately, we cannot easily give advance notice in this case. Check the weather report for the evening of the show for details. www.meteomedia.com

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Food & refreshments on and around the site

Refreshments are sold on FUNFESTsite. There are also several fast-food stands. Because all of the sites are located right in the city, there are a number of restaurants nearby for more complete dishes like the Le Baril-Grill brewery for the West sector and the Grand Hôtel for the East sector. (10 min. walk)

EAST Sector :
- Le Rock Café 
- Resto Grill Wok                                       
- La Société Micro Brasserie
- Le Mondo
- Le Vieux Saint-Georges

WEST sector :
- *Chez Karine
- *Le Bec Fin
- *Le Sablonet

Items accepted

Small backpacks/handbags (Note: All backpacks/handbags will be searched)
Smart Phones
Disposable or non-professional cameras (no removable lenses cameras)
Digital cameras (non-professional) (no switchable lenses cameras or HD)
Bike helmet
Food (only snacks such as energy bar or chocolate bar)
Umbrellas (raincoats are highly recommended)
Small beach towels
Portable or folding chairs (ONLY FOR SOME SHOWS AND SPECIFIC AREA. Check the artist file for details)
Cushions with a backrest (ONLY FOR SOME SHOWS AND SPECIFIC AREA. Check the artist file for details)

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Lost and found

Write to info@gofunfest.com and some will make a follow up to your request in 24 hours. Lost objects will be held for one week. We cannot be held liable for lost or stolen objects.

Items refused

There are checkroom areas at the FUNFEST’S entrance where you can leave any items not allowed on the site.

The FUNFEST is not liable for these objects. However, we strongly suggest to bring back these items to your car, motorcycle, or motorhome or elsewhere before re-entering the site.

Video or professional photography equipment (with removable lenses)
Audio recorders except for Smart Phones
Alcoholic beverages
Glass bottles and cans
Plastic bottles (water, soft drinks, juice, coffee etc.)
Coolers, thermoses or rigid water bottles
Large camping style backpacks
Strollers for kids
Portable or folding chairs (sitted places avalaible at Canac Zone area only)
(Check the artist file for details)
Animals (except guide dogs)
Items that could represent a danger to the safety of other spectators
Baseball bats and balls of any kind
Accessories with studs and bullets
Chains (except jewelery)
Knives or arms of any kind
Drugs and related accessories (except prescription drugs)
Fireworks or firecrackers
Roller skates or roller blades
Motorcycle helmet
Water pistols
Frisbee or kites
Musical instruments
Items intended for sale/promotion without written, signed permission from the FUNFEST.

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ATM machines

Unfortunately no ATM machines are available on FUNFEST’S site at this time. However, you’ll find a debit card payment service available on site at the main outdoor and indoor bars. Also please note Desjardins, BMO, RBC and National Bank ATM machines are found nearby less than 10 min.walk...

FunFest souvenir shop

Support the FUNFEST by wearing our clothing and accessories. You’ll find a Souvenir Shop on the site. (coming soon)


It is possible to reserve your stand to offer and sale your own stuff on the site. For more information, please contact Johanne Rodrigue info@gofunfest.com.

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